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The Wagner Pebble Finish pool and spa interiors have helped redefine elegance in the traditional swimming pool.  Our naturally beautiful pebbles are hand selected from different quarries around the world to provide you with the finest Pebble Finish available.  

Pebble Finish is a patented surface of tiny river pebbles worn down by millions of years of tumbling down streams, then hand-finished to bring you smooth, natural stones in virtually every color.  From the pink beaches of Bermuda to the deep blue seas of the South Pacific and the emerald green forests of Kauai, Pebble Finish pebbles retain their natural color, enhancing any environment and complimenting the natural mood of your landscape.  We’ll bring the world to your backyard.

A Pebble Finish pool interior will make your pool warmer, cleaner and more beautiful.  Our pebbles are smooth, non-slip, textured but non-abrasive.  And because they’ve been naturally weathered, they won’t streak, stain or blister like other pool interiors. There’s nothing else like it.  A Pebble Finish pool interior naturally resists staining, algae buildup and abuse from the elements so it helps keep your pool cleaner and virtually eliminates the need to drain and acid wash the pool essentially giving you a maintenance-free swimming pool.  Wagner’s in-house crews have been installing Pebble Finishes for over 30 years and only Wagner can bring you the enduring beauty of Wagner Pebble Finish interiors.

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